About MOO

About MOO
MOO is a candidate-controlled, non-profit career matching service. It was developed to simplify access by physicians to specific, individually-tailored career opportunities throughout the state of Ohio.

Why Was MOO Developed?
MOO was developed as a nonprofit service in 2000 in partnership with The Ohio Hospital Association, Ohio State Medical Association, and the Ohio Osteopathic Association. MOO’s continuing mission is to connect communities large and small with the physicians they need. MOO recognizes that healthcare employers, communities, and physicians have different needs, and was designed to empower the physician with the ability to tailor their job search into distinct Ohio geographic regions. This makes it easier for rural professionals, city dwellers, and suburbanites to seek opportunities in the communities that interest them the most.

MOO was also designed to simplify the search process for busy physicians by offering direct communication with the employer’s in-house staff and eliminate third party confusion. Once a physician is registered MOO can instantly forward their CV or resume to one, or one hundred and one, Ohio employers.

MOO also recognized the importance of confidentiality, and put the power of choice into the physician’s hands. Candidates can search out jobs, make themselves accessible to the employers for search, or just browse the job market. No recruiters, costs, or pressure.

MOO serves Ohio by promoting our state as a great place to practice medicine, raise a family, and enjoy Ohio’s many unique attributes.

A Centralized, Comprehensive, Statewide Career Source
The MOO system maintains specific information on hundreds of opportunities in different practice environments and communities across Ohio. From a single source, candidates can access specific, detailed information on the community in which they might live or work, benefits offered, employer size, or practice environment… the list goes on. Finally, candidates can find what they’re looking for through one comprehensive source of Ohio medical career information.

Always Current & Up-To-Date
Because MOO employers access to their own opportunity files, employers can update, edit, and keep current opportunity information available at all times. Employers only have access to their files, not the files of candidates or any other employer unless authorized. This ensures system integrity and candidate confidentiality.

Sounds Too Good To Be True… and by the way… Who Pays?
The employers cover the cost of the MOO system through an annual membership fee. There is never a charge to the candidate. Employers realize that the very best candidates for a position are the ones who choose it themselves, resulting in a better fit with the organization and community. Candidates are also more likely to be satisfied with a position, and stay longer with an organization, because they know what best suits their needs. Employers do not have access to the candidate information provided to MOO until the candidate releases it to them.

Call MOO!
MOO maintains a toll-free 800 line during regular business hours (8:00am – 5:00pm Mon-Fri EST) to accommodate individuals who don’t have regular access to the Internet. We are also available to answer any of your questions, or provide any specialized attention you may need.

Simply call 800-479-1MOO or e-mail us!

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